Aging and the Nervous System Discussion

Aging and the Nervous System Discussion

Discussion: Aging and the Nervous System
A better understanding of how the brain ages can provide important information on which to base strategies for maintaining and enhancing cognitive, emotional, sensory, and motor function. For example, studies have shown that, contrary to what scientists believed for decades, new neurons form in certain regions of the brain even in adulthood.

This phenomenon, known as neurogenesis, suggests that we may be able to develop medical and behavioral approaches to stimulate formation of new neurons to compensate for the loss and functional decline of neurons with aging, disease, or traumatic injury (National Institute of Aging, 2021). The population continue to age, it is essential to understand the pathophysiology and effects on aging on the nervous system.


To prepare:

Review the resources and reflection on neurocognitive and psychiatric disorders that affect older adults
Choose a frequently occurring disease process from a peer review journal article relevant to the week topics.
Conduct a literature search on a neurocognitive and psychiatric disorder in older adults.

Submit a short anecdotal bibliography; please refer to to an external site. for APA example.
Describe the normal physiology process and abnormal pathologic alterations of the disease. May use, McCance & Heather (2018).
Point out how the disease process relates to the prevention, restoration, and/or modification of genetics, environment, and/or lifestyles. Synthesize

Aging and the Nervous System Discussion

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