Cardiovascular with Soap Note Discussion

Cardiovascular with Soap Note Discussion

Assignment Description: Assess the Cardiovascular system of Tina Jones, a Digital Standardized Patient. Interview and examine the patient, document your findings, and complete post-exam activities. On average, this assignment should take from 60-90 minutes to complete.

1. Cardiovascular Assignment, submit WITH Subjective, Objective documentation only (NO ASSESSMENT and PLAN). Documentation should be completed using a Word document. Type N/A on the Shadow Health documentation boxes. Cardiovascular  See SOAP Note rubric and Focused SOAP note guide (do not include a plan)


2. Please log on to my shadow health from my institution page. Its on BlackBoard. My log in credentials are: username – virmanip
Password – Chinoo@1000 Please use these credentials to log in the webpage mentioned in next point.

3. instituition is William Paterson University. webpage to get in :

4. Interview is being conducted by NP – Puneet Virmani, so intorduce yourself as Ms. Puneet while conducting an assessment on Cardiovascular System

5. Deadline is 2 days please. Must remember.

6. Follow Rubric v v strictly. Rubric and focused SOAP guide is attached. PLEASE PLEASE follow that. Writer will Submit the Shadow health part. I will submit the word document part.

7. V V IMPORTANT :::: SOAP note (no ASSESSMENT and PLAN) must be in a separate word document attached to my order. Type N/A on the Shadow Health document

8. A scor

Cardiovascular with Soap Note Discussion

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