Causes Prevention and Management Patient Falls Essay

Causes Prevention and Management Patient Falls Essay

The project purpose and project outcome have been identified and stated. The project’s purpose is Improve staff knowledge about patient falls and prevention. Staff education increases the knowledge and skills of the nursing staff on the topic of interest. The project outcome is, Improvement in knowledge after attending education. It is expected that nurses attendance to the in-service classes on fall education will increase their understanding of risks, causes, prevention and management of falls at the emergency department.


Education can play a critical role in molding the structure of the emergency department. Nurses will acquire knowledge and skills of reducing the risk of falls. It is feasible to accomplish staff education in the identified facility. Pre and post knowledge assessment will be conducted to determine if knowledge increases after attending the classes on fall education. The collaborative culture of the organization is supportive of the idea and the site leader and project mentor are ready to back the project implementation.

The implications of staff education on falls will increase knowledge and skills in handling patients during hospitalization. Nurses will acquire knowledge of preventing patients from falling, providing quality care and meeting unique patient needs. Patients will benefit because an increase in knowledge will imply fewer hospital stays and reduced medical costs. The community will enjoy quality services and reduced incidents of physical disability resulting from falls. With knowledgeable nurses in place, the organization will gain a good reputation and increased patient satisfaction scores. Patients will be satisfied with the fall services and as a result, more referrals will be expected.


Confidentiality and privacy will be enhanced by ensuring personally identifiable or organizational identifiable data are protected. The scholarly voice of the project will be general and use a third persona,  to ensure privacy is protected. No specific or exact name of the organization will be revealed to ensure that it remains confidential.
I need 2 things done:
1. A work breakdown structure (WBS)
2. Checklist, which has been uploaded

The step I action file is just a reference. phase 2 started on 11/28/22, and the project is ending on 2/5/22. Everything will be completed by 2/5/22.

Causes Prevention and Management Patient Falls Essay

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