Chronic Health Issue and Population Discussion

Chronic Health Issue and Population Discussion

In a 9 page proposal (not including title page and references), address the following:

Briefly identify your selected chronic health issue and population.
Describe the geographic region and important characteristics of this population. Chronic Health Issue and PopulationĀ 
Describe the patterns of the disease in your selected population using the epidemiologic characteristics of person, place, and time.
Identify one health outcome you would like to improve for the population.
Briefly summarize current evidence that supports the importance of improving this health outcome.


Explain what data you would need to collect, and how you would obtain and analyze it. You may choose to collect primary data or use secondary data. Justify your choice.
Using theĀ  method, write short- and long-term objectives for the program.

Identify the stakeholders who should be involved in program planning.
Identify which program planning model (see Curley, Chapter 7) you selected for your program. Justify your selection of model. Based on the model, explain how you would plan, implement, and evaluate the program.
Explain any relevant cultural or ethical considerations related to your program design.
Explain how you would fund the program.
Describe strategies that would be appropriate for marketing the program.

Chronic Health Issue and Population Discussion

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