Common Health Conditions with Implications for Women Discussion

Common Health Conditions with Implications for Women Discussion

By Day 1 of this week, you will be assigned to a specific scenario for this Discussion. Please see the “Course Announcements” section of the classroom for your assignment from your Instructor.
Review the Learning Resources for this week as well as Weeks 5 and 6 and specifically review the clinical guideline resources specific to your assigned case study.
Use the Focused SOAP Note Template found in the Learning Resources to support Discussion. Health Conditions with Implications for Women Based on the case study scenario provided, complete a SOAP note and critically analyze this and focus your attention on the diagnostic tests.


Case Study 4
Case Study: Obstetrics
Scenario 1
Phillipa Hudson is a 29-year-old female presenting today at your clinic with a positive home pregnancy test. Her medical history is negative. Surgical history negative. Gyn history 1st menses age 12, with cycles coming every 28 days and lasting for 5 days. Her pap and std history are negative. She has been taking a woman’s gummy vitamin for the past year. Her OB history is as follows:
Date gestation outcome gender wt. anesthesia complications
1-2011 6 TAB None
4-2014 39 Low forceps delivery male 8’14” epidural Gestational diabetes
5-2016 8 weeks SAB
8-2016 35 weeks NSVD female 6’6” local None
7-2017 38 weeks SVD male 8’10” local Gestational diabetes

Phillipa relates her last period (LMP) was 04-04-2022. She reports breast tenderness, fatigue, and nausea (which is what made her suspect she was pregnant).
• Smoking/Alcohol/recreational drug use. Any potential chemical exposures at home or work. Social history such as relationship status, living situation, support system, job type, dietary restrictions.


Update: Height, weight, vital signs
Phillipa denies smoking, alcohol, and recreational drug use. She is a warehouse supervisor at Amazon and works 36 hrs. per week. Implications for Women  She and her fiancé have been together for 5 years, and he works in an accounting office. They live in a 3-bedroom townhouse within easy walking distance to schools and stores. Her fiancé’s parents live in the same complex they do, and her parents and younger sister live about a mile away. Phillipa relates she is become a vegetarian since her last pregnancy.
Her vital signs at her first visit height 5’4” weight 176 lbs. and her BP is 112/68

Common Health Conditions with Implications for Women Discussion

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