Communicable Disease Essay Example

Communicable Disease Essay Example

You must submit both journal article and your personal reflection assignment and provide an opinion as well.

Write a brief (approx. 300 word) personal reflection as assigned by topic area

Utilizing current community and clinical experiences reflect on the topic area and how it relates to your clinical interactions and the experiences you encountered. Communicable DiseaseĀ 

At least one professional, peer reviewed journal (within last five years) should also be referenced within the reflection and attached to the assignment drop box (articles should be obtained through South University Online Library).


APA 7th edition must be utilized (title page, reflection, reference page, article)
Reflective Contents
Reflects upon clinical experience and appropriately discusses topic area

Journal articles
Utilizes appropriate article to topic area, article is from peer and summarize the articles- published within the past five years

APA Format
Paper formatted correctly, title page, content and reference page, appropriately references article in APA 7th ed. Format

Communicable Disease Essay Example

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