Doctrinal Treatment Discussion Paper

Doctrinal Treatment Discussion Paper

This assignment consists of two (2) parts. Both parts are to be written and submitted as a single Word document.

Part 1: Provide an eight (8) page double-spaced treatment of the Bible which includes the following information:

A summary of biblical inspiration, inerrancy, infallibility, and perspicuity (one (1) paragraph each) based on the assigned articles from Vanpooler, as well as various other sources of your choosing.
A discussion of how these four aspects of the doctrine of Scripture are interrelated, as well as how they are related to the formation of the canon. Answer the following questions:


What is the relationship between inspiration and inerrancy, inspiration and infallibility, and inspiration and perspicuity?
What is the difference between inerrancy and infallibility?
How does the canonicity of a given book relate to its inspired status? Does canonicity “prove” inspiration or does inspiration result in canonization? Part 2: Provide a two-to-three (2-3) page double-spaced evaluative summary of the articles listed below: Douglas W. Kennard’s “Evangelical Views on Illumination of Scripture and Critique Be sure to include the following in your evaluative summary:

A one (1) paragraph summary of the author’s major argument with a statement of the author’s thesis if available.
A brief discussion of those points in the article with which you agree. A critique of the article with a discussion of those points in the article with which you do not agree.

Doctrinal Treatment Discussion Paper

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