Epidemiology and Health Surveillance Essay Example

Epidemiology and Health Surveillance Essay Example

The purpose of this discussion is to apply concepts in epidemiology and health surveillance to a selected population.

Explore the determinants of health and the National Practice Problems that most affect the population you selected in Week 1. Review the following index to locate an epidemiological report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Link (website): CDC A-Z Index Links to an external site. Epidemiology and Health 
This report contains data on specific diseases as reported by state and regional health departments, as well as recommendations that have been issued by the CDC.


Use the index to review the most significant issue pertaining to your selected population and one of the eight National Practice Problems to address the following:

Explore the epidemiologic principles and measures used to address your selected practice problem at the national and specific geographic (city or county level) location for the population you have selected.
Examine the use of descriptive and/or analytic epidemiology to address the practice problem.
Propose how you might use surveillance to influence the determinants of health and improve the health outcomes of your population.
Anticipate any ethical concerns that you might have related to the use of surveillance data in you

Epidemiology and Health Surveillance Essay Example

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