Implications Spread of the Disease Discussion Paper

Implications Spread of the Disease Discussion Paper

For this assignment, please begin by selecting one infectious disease that is either emerging or re-emerging in our world today. Research the disease by using scholarly and non-scholarly resources. What is your audience for this information? This can be current patients, other nurses, nursing students, or the public. To share the information with your selected audience, create a fact sheet about the disease. Please keep your audience clearly in mind as you develop the information. Implications Spread of the Disease For example, the average patient reads at a 5th grade level. If you are providing information for patients (or the public), please avoid medical terminology and complex sentences to help ensure the information is understood.

A fact sheet, also known as a fact file, is a 1-2-page document that summarizes critical information for an identified audience. A fact sheet provides key information, facts, and figures around a particular topic in a visual manner, with the help of files, charts, and images. Fact sheets often contain an overview, product information, statistics, technical data, FAQs, lists, and how-to pages. Take special care while creating fact sheets to make them clear, crisp, and concise. They are usually displayed in a visual format to emphasize key information.


Your 1 2-page fact sheet should address the following:

A brief, specific history of the infectious disease
The implications of the spread of the disease, including statistical data
How to detect and prevent the spread of the disease
How the disease is treated
The fact sheet must be supported with at least three (3) scholarly sources of evidence in the literature. References should be cited on the fact sheet (using author last name and year) and then a reference list should be included at the bottom of the fact sheet. Please cite reference in APA format.


If you have never made or seen a fact sheet before, I’m attaching one example for the public from the CDC.

Please let me know if you have questions. This week 1 assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. Central Time on Sunday, June 4. Take care, Dr. Roberts

Implications Spread of the Disease Discussion Paper


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