Nurses Role in Policy Making Assignment Discussion

Nurses Role in Policy Making Assignment Discussion

Does your board of nursing request research topics from a regulatory and legislative perspective? Also, does your board of nursing participate in the research process? If not, should the board be more proactive in implementing evidence-based regulation?

Different stakeholders are involved in the policy-making in healthcare to promote quality care that improves public health. Nurses Role in Policy  Policies are essential as they help ensure quality and safety during patient care (Masefield et al., 2021). RNs and APRNs nurses can play a critical role in policy-making as they spend quality time with patients and are aware of their needs and how to address them.


Opportunities for RNs and APRNs’ Involvement in Policy Making

Registered nurses can become involved in policy-making by engaging in research related to health services. When they engage in research, they can provide insights to legislators on evidence-based practices as they are considered experts in a policy-making committee (Turale & Kunaviktikul, 2019).

The second opportunity where RNs can involve in policy-making is becoming a member of nursing organizations like the American Nursing Association (ACA). When they become members, they can highlight social issues, patient needs, and challenges faced during practice to policy-makers and solutions on how to address the problems brought forward.

Challenges the Opportunities Present and how to Overcome

The major challenge is inadequate skills and knowledge on political matters for nurses. In addition, most nurses have not specialized in policy advocacy, making it challenging to participate in policy-making (Rasheed et al., 2020). Specializing nurses in policy advocacy addressed by conducting staff training on political advocacy to understand the political world. Nurses Role 


Strategies to Advocate for the Opportunity

Policy education can be an effective strategy for nurses to be better equipped with policy-making. First, through learning, they become more efficient in progressive politics (Williams et al., 2018). Secondly, the use of social media platforms is effective in communicating how nurses can engage in policymaking.


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Nurses Role in Policy Making Assignment Discussion

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