Personal Improvement Project Report Discussion Paper

Personal Improvement Project Report Discussion Paper

Module 1 Assignment: Personal Improvement Project Report

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Some argue that the term project is misleading with respect to CQI because a project has an ending. In CQI, a project does not end once an intervention has been applied and is successful. Healthcare professionals continue to monitor, evaluate, and make plans for further improvement, leading to an ongoing cycle. Personal Improvement Project As you think about your Personal Improvement Project and the short-term accomplishments, consider how you could extend this improvement cycle long-term.


For this Assignment, you will not only analyze the personal improvement process you studied and synthesize the findings but apply your knowledge, first for long-term personal improvement and second for application to the professional healthcare setting.
To Prepare:
Review any Instructor feedback from your Personal Improvement Project Outline, and consider any suggestions you may have received from your Instructor and colleagues in the Week 3 Discussion.
Reflect on the experience you have gained with the improvement process and how it may apply to a professional quality improvement project.
The Assignment (4–5 pages, not counting tables, graphs, diagrams, and charts):
Part 1: Aim

Clearly state the aim of your project.
Part 2: Process Analysis
Consider the process leading to the results that you aimed to improve. Create a process map to identify the steps in the process and identify the people (other than you) who were involved in the process.

Part 3: Measurement
Describe the data collection method used, including an explanation of what you measured and how. Be specific.
Present the data in a table, graph, diagram, run chart, or XmR chart.
Part 4: Changes
There is a saying, Not all change leads to improvement, but all improvement leads to change. Explain the changes you made based on the data. What worked? What did work?

Personal Improvement Project Report Discussion Paper


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