Pharmacology Essay Assignment

Pharmacology Essay Assignment

Working Through Decision Trees
As you start your decision tree assignment in Week 6 and complete by Day 7 for Week 8, please keep in mind on how to clinically justify your choices for treatment options for patients.
• Always think through the patient’s current medications and their past medical history to evaluate new therapies.
• When evaluating new therapies, think about whether the patient has any contraindications to treatment, potential drug interactions, and the safety profile of the drug. Are there any medical conditions that may prevent the patient from taking the new medication?

• Finally, consider counseling points for the patient. What are the things you would inform the patient to monitor for while on therapy? As a clinician, are there specific labs or assessments you would need to complete at baseline, during, or after therapy?


To Prepare
• Review the interactive media piece assigned by your Instructor.
• Reflect on the patient symptoms and aspects of the disorder presented in the interactive media piece.
• Consider how you might assess and treat patients presenting with the symptoms of the patient case study you were assigned.
• You will be asked to make three decisions concerning the diagnosis and treatment for this patient. Pharmacology Essay Reflect on potential co-morbid physical as well as patient factors that might impact the patient diagnosis and treatment.

Write a 1- to 2-page summary paper that addresses the following:
• Briefly summarize the patient case study you were assigned, including each of the three decisions you took for the patient presented.
• Based on the decisions you recommended for the patient case study, explain whether you believe the decisions provided were supported by the evidence-based literature. Be specific and provide examples. Be sure to support your response with evidence and references from outside resources.
• What were you hoping to achieve with the decisions you recommended for the patient case study you were assigned? Support your response with evidence and references from outside resources.

• Explain any difference between what you expected to achieve with each of the decisions and the results of the decision in the exercise. Describe whether they were different. Be specific and provide examples.
You will have to evaluate those treatment options and determine if you would make any changes to the regimen in terms of the medication, dosage, and evaluation of adverse effects and or contraindications that could complicate treatment.

Pharmacology Essay Assignment

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