Policy and Advocacy for Improving Population Health Essay

Policy and Advocacy for Improving Population Health Essay

Maternal Vaccination Act

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the world health. Millions have died while the world continues to have risen in COVID-19 infection cases. However, the most significant step in overcoming this problem is vaccination. Mandatory vaccination within the country focuses on employees, including health workers, civil servants, and military officials (Black et al., 2018). The other group with relevant needs includes women with newborns, pregnant women, and those planning pregnancy. Improving Population Health  Maternal patients also need the vaccination, although the health system experiences disparities and rejection among the public.


Due to health disparities among the target group, Rep. Terri Sewell created the Maternal Vaccination Act of 2021, which mainly targeted the urgent maternal health problem affecting the country (Sewell, 2021). The Act aimed at offering funding to different programs to increase the rates of maternal vaccination. The other objective was to reduce the vaccination disparities among women. The disparities were associated with concerns that mothers refused to take vaccination due to their health concerns.

The policy effectively improves maternal health during this COVID-19 era since pregnant women, lactating mothers, and other women need improved immunity against the coronavirus. According to Ortiz, Castañeda, and De La Torre (2020), pregnancy causes various immunity changes and responds differently to viral infections.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 infection can result in more severe symptoms (Ortiz, Castañeda, and De La Torre, 2020). The severity of the COVID-19 symptoms confirms the reason for passing the Maternal Vaccination Act. Women need guidance to help them make important decisions concerning their pregnancy. For instance, part of the funding would help raise awareness about healthy eating during pregnancy. These guidelines would improve women’s immunity while also checking on the health of newborns and fetuses.

Policy and Advocacy for Improving Population Health Essay


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