Quality of Nursing care Theory Assignment Paper

Quality of Nursing care Theory Assignment Paper

**Quality of Nursing care Theory – June H Larrabee**

Middle-range theories have significant use in practice. Students will interact with the four categories of the middle-range theory presented in Peterson & Bredlow (2020) to develop knowledge of the assignment.

Middle Range Theory Report:

Assignment structure for middle-range theories will be based on the categories reported in Peterson & Bredlow (2020)
Begin plan to report on middle-range theories report/project per rubric.
Select/assign middle range theory for the report and submit an outline of the report
Submit 3 annotated bibliography summaries of literature sources related to selected/assigned middle range theory
The report will be presented in Module 8. Use criteria and direction provided for the report.


Middle Range Theory Description Report & Presentation Guideline/Direction:

Using information from the reading and relevant literature search, develop a middle-range nursing theory/theorist description report for presentation. The following three major criteria should be addressed in the report:

Theorist Background : Quality of Nursing care Theory – June H Larrabee
Describe the theory identification, why it was chosen (if applicable), or personal relevance
Describe the theorist’s background in detail and discuss how their experiences impacted the theory’s development.
Source theory information from the original/primary work of the theorist. May complement report from current work of the theorist and other authors writing about the selected theory and cite them.
2. Theory Description

Identify the phenomenon of concern or problems addressed by the theory.
Explain whether the theory uses deductive, inductive or retroductive reasoning. Provide evidence to support your conclusion.
Describe the major concepts of the theory. How are they defined (theoretically and/or operationally)? Is the author consistent in the use of the concepts and other terms in the theory?
Interpret how the concepts are defined – Implicitly or explicitly. Provide an example from the theorist’s published information to support your interpretation.
Describe the relationships (propositions) among the major concepts with an example from the theorist’s published information.
3. Theory Evaluation:


Identify explicit and/or implicit assumptions (values/beliefs) underlying the theory. On what major assumptions does the theory build?
Examine if the theory has a description of the four concepts of the nursing metaparadigm. If so, how are they explained in the theory If the metapardigm is not explained, what elements do you see as relevant to the theory, and why
Discuss the clarity of the theory. Did it have lucidness and consistency?

Quality of Nursing care Theory Assignment Paper

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