Reflection on Theory Practice Integration Discussion

Reflection on Theory Practice Integration Discussion

Activity/Assignment: Discussion & Reflection on theory-practice integration

Students will join classmates in a Group Discussion to discuss and reflect on theory-practice integration to support APN role.
Scenario: Discussion & Reflection based on article Saleh, U.S. (2018) Theory Guided Practice in Nursing. Journal of Nursing Research and Practice, 2, 18. to an external site.

Read the pdf article by Saleh (2018) for perspective on some current discourse regarding nursing theory and practice.
You have been asked to post “Discussion & Reflection” related to theory-practice integration in APN in the discussion forum. Begin by addressing the following:


What are the theory-practice gaps you can identify in your current practice? Describe one example in your response.
What plan would you recommend bridging the gap between theory and practice in your current and future nursing practice? How would the plan that benefit your practice outcomes?
Include at least two examples of how you would integrate specific languages of nursing theory into your routine nursing practice.

Prepare a thorough response to each question for your initial post in the discussion forum for Module Five. Following your initial post, you must create at least two response posts to your peers.

Initial Posting:

Your initial posting should be at least 500 words in length and utilize at least three scholarly sources other than the textbook. complete your initial post by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Day Time. Consider content from other parts of the course where appropriate. Use APA citation methods for referencing.

Reflection on Theory Practice Integration Discussion

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