Sociologic Sciences Interactive Case Study

Sociologic Sciences Interactive Case Study

Sociologic Sciences Interactive Case Study

Each time you have completed a case study, submit your reflection. Each reflection should include the following:
A comparison of what you have learned from the case study to related theories you have studied. Make sure to cite these theories in APA format.
A comparison of the case study to your nursing practice, giving one or two examples from your nursing experience in which you might have applied a particular theory covered.
– Your reflection should be a minimum of five to six paragraphs.
– THEORIES TO DISCUSS: Conflict Theory, and Role Theory: Role Behavior


Case Study:
Natalie Kazakova is a Russian immigrant that has recently graduated with a master degree in nursing and holds a bachelor degree in engineering back home in Russia. She has recently started working at a local community hospital in the ICU. A few weeks after the end of her training at the new job she finds herself questioning if she made the right decision in becoming a nurse.

She finds it hard to go in to work as she is feeling insecure and unsure of her abilities. She meets two other nurses both is about 10 years of experience. The two nurses are negative and rude to her asking her questions like what did you learn at that university anyway? I thought you had a masters degree?. Natalie is experiencing Conflict Theory. As noted in the text, conflict is often grounded in issues of power/ authority and domination/subjugation (P.289). The two nurse colleagues are struggling to hold on to their positions of power related to their experience because they are probably threatened by Natalie advanced degree.

Natalie discusses the issue with one of her professors. Her professor offers the following recommendations:
Don do anything at this point. This is normal behavior for other nurses dealing with a novice. Time will prove your readiness.
Review the conflict theory and try to think of the other experienced nurses perspective. Again, time will prove your readiness.
Speak up and now remind the other nurses that you are a brand new RN and will have a learning period.
Natalie recognizes the issues of role behavior and role incongruity (p.287) and seeks out one of her professors to discuss these. The professor reminds her that this is a normal process and that she needs to give herself some time to learn her position (the professor might refer her to Benner Novice to Expert, discussed in a later chapter). She tells her that as she becomes more comfortable with the technical requirements of her position, she will find she is able to again put the caring aspect of nursing in the forefront.


As Natalie reviewed her information on conflict (p.289) and individualistic social exchange network (p.280), as well as recognizing that the other nurses were struggling to maintain their own power (and self-concept), she was able to change her approach. She praised the other nurses for their knowledge and experience. She quietly reminded them that, despite her degree, she was still a new RN and so she appreciated having knowledgeable nurses like them around. She hoped that this would make them feel less threatened.

Sociologic Sciences Interactive Case Study

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