Strategies for Academic Portfolios Discussion

Strategies for Academic Portfolios Discussion

We have all heard that expression, where do you see yourself in five or ten years? In reading the research for this assignment, I now see that this also applies to nurses. A nursing portfolio is a more specified resume detailing the nurse’s education and experience. In fact, according to the article by Oermann (2002), “portfolios in nursing may be used for professional development, for career ladder promotions, and with job applications.”

In developing my portfolio, I shall utilize the following strategies presented in several articles I read. First and foremost, I will create a way to structure all the information that will go into my professional portfolio. Of course, not all portfolios are alike, but according to Casey & Egan (2010), “some standard information and documentation to consider for inclusion are biographical information; educational background; employment history; and professional qualification certificates.”


Secondly, I will utilize all the resources available online to help me concise all the info. Nowadays, there are e-portfolio websites that help to put all the information in order and help make it more reliable. Portfolium or Pathbrite are two electronic platforms suggested in the article (Hannans & Olivo, 2017).

I now realize that as a future Nurse Practitioner, I must learn to market myself professionally. Just like other professionals such as Lawyers, Accountants, and Physicians do, I will gain new skills throughout this program that will allow me to do so. Walden University empowers us to embrace social change by providing a network hub that builds communities and promotes social change outcomes (Walden, 2023). In completing my clinical hours in my practicums, I will also have the chance to network with professionals within my community.


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Strategies for Academic Portfolios Discussion

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