Suicide Prevention Training in Healthcare Essay Example

Suicide Prevention Training in Healthcare Essay Example

TYPE OUT a testimony supporting the policy NY STATE HR 1667 DR. LORNA BREEN HEALTH CARE PROVIDER ACT. SUICIDE PREVENTION TRAINING IN HEALTHCARE. IMPACT OF COVID PANDEMIC. student will then prepare and videotape of themselves giving this typed out testimony with a time limit of (3 minutes maximum), including her professional opinion. Healthcare 
Start with giving your credentials “I’m here to discuss as a registered professional nursing earning my advanced degree feel as if this is an important issue because


A. Videotaped testimony presentation (brevity, clarity, organization, professional style) 60%
a. brief (presented within 3 minutes time limit) (10%)
b. clear (speech, enunciation, smooth, audible) (10%)
c. organized (15%)
d. highlighted major points (not getting into too much detail because time limit is 3 mins) (15%)
e. detailed pertinent points (15%)
f. professional opinion included (15%) I hope that you will support this bill/policy
g. nonverbal communication appropriate and effective (10%)
h. appropriate use of written notes (10%)


B. Self-reflection on testimony presentation ONLY 1 – 2 pages. Double spaced worth 20 %: how did you feel preparing, testifying, and reviewing your videotape? What areas make you uncomfortable so it

Suicide Prevention Training in Healthcare Essay Example

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