Vulnerable and Underserved Populations Discussion Paper

Vulnerable and Underserved Populations Discussion Paper

Write a 2-page (1000 words) paper discussing the following:

Types of patients included in underserved and vulnerable populations e.g. Elderly, mentally ill, sexual orientation, single-parent households, etc.
Ways of connecting the underserved and vulnerable populations to the healthcare system considering and explaining what is NOT available to them and why as it relates to finance and costs.
The financial challenges of government-funded healthcare programs and how these challenges affect healthcare delivery.
Issues you would face as an NP caring for these patients.



The paper should be two pages in length (at least 1000 words)
Format the paper following APA 7th edition format.
You may use the two articles you used in your discussion prompt to meet the requirement of five references.
The two-page length and 1000 words do not include your title and reference page. It should contain proper grammar, be free of spelling errors, and reflect critical thinking. Ensure all references are appropriately cited. Remember, if it is not your original thought process, you must provide a reference.

Vulnerable and Underserved Populations Discussion Paper

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