Workplace Bullying and Nurse Disengagement in Hospitals Assignment Discussion

Workplace Bullying and Nurse Disengagement in Hospitals Assignment Discussion

I have to write a preliminary review on the uploaded article with my own supporting references that determines if this study is relevant to the research I plan to conduct and determine if the findings are usable. Here are a list of questions (to help you) when conducting a preliminary review that the university supplied as a guideline.

Conducting a preliminary review
Resource manual: Questions of fact
1. Does the report describe an example of disciplined research?
2. Is this a qualitative or quantitative study?
3. What is the underlying paradigm of the study?
4. Does the study involve the collection of empirical evidence?
5. Is this study applied or basic research?
6. Is the purpose of this study identification, description, exploration, prediction/control, and/or


7. What is the EBP-focused purpose of this study (e.g. Therapy/intervention, Diagnosis, Prognosis,
Etiology/harm, or Meaning/process)?
Box 1.1- Questions for a preliminary overview of a research project
1. How relevant is the research question in this study to the actual practice of nursing? Does the
study focus on a topic that is a priority area for nursing research?
2. Was the research quantitative or qualitative?
3. What was the underlying purpose(s) of the study identification, description, exploration,
explanation, or prediction and control? Does the purpose correspond to an EBP focus such as
Therapy/intervention, Diagnosis/assessment, Prognosis, Etiology (causation)/prevention of
harm, Description, or Meaning/process?

4. Is this study fundamentally cause-probing?
5. What might be some clinical implications of this research? To what type of people and settings is the research most relevant? If the findings are valid, how might one use the results of this study
in the clinical setting?
Box 3.3- Additional questions for a preliminary review of a research project
1. What is the study all about? What are the main phenomena, concepts, or constructs under
2. If the study is quantitative, what are the independent and dependent variables? What are the
PICO elements and for what type of question (Therapy, Prognosis, etc.)?


3. Do the researchers examine relationships or patterns of association among variables or
concepts? Does the report imply the possibility of a casual relationship?
4. Are key concepts clearly defined, both conceptually and operationally?
5. What type of study does it appear to be, in terms of the following: quantitative-experimental?
Nonexperimental? Qualitative-descriptive? Grounded theory? Phenomenological?
6. Does the report provide any information to suggest how long the study took to complete?
7. Does the format of the report conform to the traditional IMRAD format? If not, in what ways
does it differ?

Workplace Bullying and Nurse Disengagement in Hospitals Assignment Discussion

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